RC Update – v1.5.0


  • Added ability to update Flag Ball Score
  • Added ability to update King of The Hill Score
  • Added ability to update Deathmatch Score
  • Removed RequestWeaponRestrictions function. This was removed as it is no longer needed as the Instance class gets automatically updated.
  • Added API for Min Ping
  • Added API for Max Ping
  • Added API for Weapon Restrictions
  • Added ability to update PSP Takeover Time


  • Fixed secondary pipe from being Disposed prematurely causing the RC to crash
  • Fixed Server Manager bug when the score was greater than 100
  • Fixed a bug with the UpdateGameOptions function.

You can download the latest version at our Downloads page here. If you already have the Remote Control installed, you can download the updates using the updater, or just by launching the RC.