NovaWorld and

Since NovaWorld has been down for the last several days, Babstats Lobby has switched it’s data-source. You do NOT have to do anything. Babstats Lobby will automatically attempt to pull server data from users who are running BMTv4 TV first. If the server is not running BMTv4TV, it will attempt to pull from NovaWorld. If NovaWorld is still offline it will automatically query the server directly. If the server does not exist or respond to queries, Babstats Lobby will mark it as “offline.” If the server is online, but Babstats cannot connect, you can still join the server by clicking on the server name even if the server appears offline.

Do not worry! We are not going anywhere anytime soon!

Our friends at is attempting to contact THQ Nordic in an attempt to purchase NovaLogic and it’s assets.
No other information has been shared regarding this.

Babstats will continue pushing updates to BMT and the RC on schedule. There will be a structure change on how BMTv4 functions. There will be a few tiers with this software. Users using the RC will continue to connect to whatever server they wish at no charge.

However, BMTv4TV will be getting a structure change to help continue to push updates, and to continue to provide services free to the public. BMTv4 will be getting 3 tiers. The first tier will be known as the “Free Tier.” This will allow you to host 1 server using our software. You will have access to the normal features, including NovaCC, NovaHQ, Master Reporting. It will also include the plugins: Vote Maps, and Welcome Players. The second tier will be known as “Premium Tier.” This will allow you to host on a “Per server” or known as a “Pay as You Go.” This tier will be getting all features included. And the final tier will be known as a “Provider Tier.” This is for those who are a known NovaLogic host. This will get all features, plus the web control panel which is whitelisted and can be customized to your liking.