New Website

We are excited to see some new content come from Black Hawk Down after several years! Since the late 2000’s Babstats Multi-Tracker (BMT) has been left stale, and was never 100% finished. It was left with bugs, and constant errors. And with Windows constantly evolving, the program is being broken, piece by piece. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to build something to replace to broke program.

Introducing, BMT-TV Version 4! We are going all out on this version. What are we doing? We’re setting up the new BMT as the previous version should have been. We have created some new features that would bring BHD back to life! And yes, we will be supporting other Delta Force titles. For now we are sticking with BHD until we have the kinks worked out.

You can expect a new Web Admin! With a responsive HTML5 control panel using your favorite web browser, you can kick, ban; you can edit your automatic messages, slaps, and more!

And yes, for those of you who are not technically savvy, or to those who like reading manuals, we will be creating a PDF on how to use the new program. And as always, you can post in our Forums to get general help.

If you experience a bug in the program, just go to the Forums and click on Tickets. Our Development Team will get an email regarding your issue and we can investigate and update the program if needed.

And a HUGE BMT shoutout to our partners at to funding our adventures! None of this would be possible without them.
Thank you.